Why outsource your translation projects to LinguiScience

LinguiScience has your corporate image at heart. We listen to your needs and offer customized translation services to deliver the results you expect.

I concluded my last article Do what you do best and outsource the rest, with the promise that I’d give, in my next article, a list of reasons why you should choose LinguiScience as your trusted translation services supplier so here they are!

I could say that we offer fast service, competitive rates and that we respect deadlines as this is all true, but anyone can say and do that. In my mind, that’s not enough to convince you to do business with us.

LinguiScience defines itself as YOUR linguistic partner. What does this mean, in practice? We, at LinguiScience, want you to see us an extension of your team. We work WITH you in order to:
• Ensure your message does not get lost in translation
• Reduce your translation costs
• Take ownership of the entire process, from translation to reviewing to layout so you can focus on what you do best
• Preserve your company’s professional image
• Help you stand out from the competition


It is our belief that any material you have created was done at great effort and time. This investment in creating relevant and targeted material for your products or services needs to follow the same high-level of production to the end of the life-cycle if that life-cycle includes translation. You expect that the translated material is of equal quality and conveys the message of the original content. Stand assured that we take proper measures to ensure that all texts we deliver are precise, comprehensive, and meaningful. All translations go through a revision and a proofreading process. Our internal processes ensure quality each and every time.


Sonia Gouin, the founder of LinguiScience, has worked in areas of sales, customer service, and contractual research as well as being firmly grounding in both science and a number of specific industries. It is a proven fact that translators with background experience, with more area-specific knowledge are ultimately the best investment as they better understand the material and in turn produce better content that conveys the meaning and the context of specialized text. See our About us page to find out more about the founder’s background. Furthermore, LinguiScience works with translators who all work in their own language pair and industry-specific specialty to ensure seamless translations.


• Your company demands that we sign a non-disclosure agreement? No problem. We sign these on a regular basis and treat them with the utmost respect.
• Your company needs to issue a PO or go through an approval process for every job? No problem, we won’t start until we get the PO or official approval.
• You do not have a graphic designer in-house to work on the final layout of the document? No problem, we collaborate with highly qualified graphic designers who will be more than happy to make the target document as professional-looking as the original.
• You only have pdf versions of the translatable content and are not able to locate the original documents? No problem, we will convert the pdf documents in a workable version and supply you with the document format you need.
• You have glossaries or translation memories you’d like us to use as reference? No problem, we work with the most recent computer-assisted translation application, SDL Studio 2017, which makes incorporating these resources in our process a piece of cake.

Bottom line is we will accommodate you, whatever your needs are.


Finally, LinguiScience boasts high client retention rates… over 80% of our clients stay with us and many of those who have tried alternative providers have returned to us for our guaranteed quality work. These statistics reveal our successful track record and our solid reputation in the industry. Take a look at our Testimonials page to see what our clients have to say about our specialized translation services.

Whether you are self-employed, a small business or a huge multinational, we will offer you the same exceptional level of service. Give us a try and find out for yourselves!

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